Une exposition de Charlie Jeffery
sur l'invitation de Cécile Dauchez
du 20 novembre au 15 janvier 2014

The River

I know nothing of rocks
I can not read the stone I hold in my hand
I can see patterns made from earth movements millions of years ago
but this is the vaguest of information and the simplest of comprehensions.
Ripples and lines, curves and zstripes - black then white.
Layers, uneven stratification broken off in lumps by other forces.
Erosion and weather, worn down and smoothed by water and rivers,
rocks rubbing against each other, grinding and softening.
Suddenly broken and crushed by boulders and bigger rocks falling from higher up the river.
Trees capitulating after rain, uprooted and giving in, causing huge stones (fragments of mountains, former sea beds, volcanos, ex lava) to collapse and roll one on another
changing the course of the river with relative suddenness.
Slow-motion geological time, from time to time is speeded up to create minor events
of sudden speed, breaking a larger rock into smaller ones, rocks to sand, smoothed
out to a paste, slowing again.
In years to come the dead tree that stands above the river bank will fall and be
ground, smoothed and rotted.
Perhaps some trees will be trapped under stones and become in long future time a
thin dark line in another small rock beheld by the eyes of a future creature.

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